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About Us

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Our Curriculum


Our program nurtures Chinese fluency in American-born Chinese children, recognizing the cognitive and cultural benefits of early language exposure. We address concerns about diminishing Chinese use as children grow, emphasizing a balanced diet that nourishes both the mind and body, which is vital for a child's development and well-being.

Our holistic curriculum blends bilingual education with key subjects like math, science, arts, and music, promoting a well-rounded learning experience. By integrating cultural elements and celebrating key festivals, we provide children with a rich understanding of their heritage and the wider world. Science and nature activities stimulate curiosity, while arts and music nurture creativity and emotional growth.

We also focus on practical life education, teaching etiquette, life skills, and fostering independence and confidence. This comprehensive educational approach prepares culturally aware, adaptable, and intellectually curious children, ready for academic and personal success.